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Aanii Boozhoo! Welcome

We are grateful, appreciate and respect your help and want to keep everyone safe.

This list of understandings is written with that intent


First and foremost as soon as you join us, you are in Ceremony.  Please see Grandmother Van before you join to smudge and for any other questions that might not be answered here.


  • The walk proceeds in leap frog fashion. This means you hand over the pail and staff to walkers ahead of you, drive their vehicle to front of the line-up and wait your turn to carry water and staff again. Be prepared to drive and share vehicles.

  • Be cautious, safety first

  • Always start at front of the line-up and keep your vehicle place in rotation

  • Put hazard lights on while parked – turn off when moving, use turn signals and seat belts

  • Do not stop in middle of highway to talk; pull over in front of vehicle if you need to stop

  • Do not park in middle of curves, bridges or hills, even if it means a slightly longer walk

  • If you must leave rotation for longer than bathroom break, use your own vehicle.  Do not take someone else’s vehicle.

  • You are welcome to take breaks but be conscious that enough Walkers remain

  • Walk on the outside of white line closest to the shoulder

  • If you bring children - keep them close to your side and not close to the road and please supervise them

  • Be respectful of people’s belongings and vehicle; do not smoke in others’ vehicles

  • If food/snacks are out, they are shareable; if you don’t want others to eat, put it away

  • Keep track of belongings and return any found ones

  • You are responsible for your own lodging/gas/food outside of community feasts (Unless you are a core walker)

  • First aid and water is available in Grandmother Van. No plastic water bottles please.

  • Be ready and prepared when Nibi and Staff come to you

  • Pass Staff and Nibi in FRONT of the vehicle; Nibi is handed off first

  • When carrying Nibi, keep looking forward, don’t stop walking, and don’t turn your head to look behind. If something is dropped, the Staff Carrier can pick it up for you.

  • Staff Carriers; you are eyes and ears for Women, the Water and Spot; look out for them

  • Staff Carriers; offer Semaa (Tobacco) when you walk by rivers or streams and when you walk by a dead animal/bird

  • Women on moon time are powerful and their presence may interrupt this ceremony -we respectfully ask that you rejoin when finished

  • Remember why you are here. This Walk is about the Water…prayer, song and/or Nibi consciousness while you are walking with her

  • Carry what you learn from Nibi and the Little Boy Staff into your community after you leave.

  • Nga zhichige Nibi Onji (Nigaw zhi chi gay Nibay on gee).  I will do it for the water.


Gchi’miigwech for your beautiful work for Nibi!

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